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The chemistry of reduction

A list of reducers ( ‘dissolve / bleach away silver’ ) and the chemistry behind it :

Historical photographic techniques / Museum of technology, Prague

An overview of, and basic instructions for historical photographic techniques from the museum of technology in Prague.

Making lightproof seams in blackout cloth

Still need to build a darkbox, but this might be useful info when sewing a darkcloth


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Collodio-Chloride Printing out Paper (POP) and orotones

Just found an interesting variant of printing out paper (a photographic print on paper that does not require a development stage, i.e. the image appears during exposure to e.g. sun- or UV light).  The albumin print is another variant which uses egg-white (albumin). This particular version uses collodion rather than egg-whites.

Interesting in the sense that it is supposedly quite archival, and I should have most of the required chemicals already. So might be a nice thing to try out at some point in time, once I figure out how to create negatives and find a decent paper…

More info and formulae on

Another thing to look at, is a means to create orot0nes with liquid emulsion :