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Welcome !

It’s been quite a year, since I took a two-day course to get started with wet plate collodion. Still as psyched as on the moment I saw my first image appear in KCN…  and I’ve been shooting, on average, every two weeks since then.

I’ve set up this blog for two reasons, to share some projects and (hopefully!) some cool pictures along the way, but not in the least to share what I have learned so far. I continue to learn with each shoot.  I’m hoping this blog  will be picked up by other ‘beginners’ over time, so it can aid them in their quest for information and improving their craft.  Part of what has made this such a great experience for me so far is the help and advice I’ve gotten from fellow collodion shooters on the web. It’s a great coummunity, so for me, it’s time to return something to it.

I’ve started by listing a number of resources on the links page, and will continue to do so over time.  Stay tuned for more !


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